Recreational Products

BRC’s use of injury causation analysis has informed legal decision-making and product design in entertainment products. We have examined incidents involving:

  • Motorcycle, bicycle, ATV and golf cart crashes, often including rider ejection or fall, or collision with another vehicle or object, and frequently resulting in claims of head injuries, fractures, burns, or abrasions. Determining injury causation requires accounting for operator and rider motions, their interactions with the crash environment and use/non-use of protective equipment.
  • Personal watercraft and motorboats, including injuries involving impacts with other objects, fall injuries, and interactions with the vessel itself, as in the case of underwater propeller strikes.
  • Amusement park rides, such as roller coasters, motion simulators, and water rides. We examine the multiple physical facets and dynamics of the ride and occupants involved such as g-forces, push-pull effect, vibration and restraints.

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