Biodynamic Research Corporation Case Studies

BRC specializes in accident reconstruction and biomechanical analysis.
Our clients underscore our unparalleled service.

Corey Law Firm case study artwork
The Corey Law Firm won a sizable personal injury verdict thanks to the testimony of an expert witness provided by BRC.
RNB&K case study artwork
Ripes, Nelson, Baggot & Kalobratsos, PC engaged BRC for accident reconstruction and biomechanical analysis to obtain clarity to defend clients effectively.
The Corey Law Firm Testimonial
The Corey Law Firm offers a testimonial
RNB&K video testimonial
Ripes, Nelson, Baggot & Kalobratsos, PC offers a testimonial
Rhodes Hiernoymus Firm art
How Rhodes Hieronymus firm negotiated a reasonable settlement with the help of a BRC expert.
Rhodes Hiernoymus Firm video art
Rhodes Hiernoymus offers a testimonial
Naman Howell Smith & Lee case study art
The law firm needed an expert who could analyze the facts of the case, identify the physical forces required to cause the alleged injuries, and help connect the dots for the jury.
Naman Howel Smith & Lee video artwork
Naman Howell Smith & Lee Law Firm offers a testimonial