Practice Areas

BRC’s extensive experience includes more than 30+ years of proficiency in these practice areas:

BRC Practice Areas auto collisions
BRC possesses deep expertise in both high and low velocity collisions and has conducted extensive research and testing in the areas of impact.
BRC Practice Areas aviation
Several BRC experts are also qualified pilots, board-certified in aerospace medicine and experienced with aviation event investigation.
BRC Practice Areas commercial transportation
BRC is a known authority on injury causation involving commercial transportation events, including tractor trailer, train, and mass transit incidents.
BRC Practice Areas industrial construct incidents
BRC examines multiple industry and construction factors to assess injury potential.
BRC Practice Areas recreational products
BRC’s use of injury causation analysis has informed legal decision-making and product design in a variety of entertainment products.
BRC Practice Areas restraint and helmets
BRC’s strength in crash testing and accident reconstruction provides expertise in assessing the use and performance of restraint systems.
BRC Practice Areas premises liability
BRC analysis rigorously examines injuries in and around office buildings and dwellings — including escalators, elevators, slip and falls, falling objects and more.
BRC Practice Areas sports equipment
BRC experts examine the forces and interactions on muscles, bones, and ligaments in sports injuries — analyzing the complex details.
BRC Practice Areas additional areas
BRC’s noted expertise in kinetic injury events has been sought for legal disputes, criminal investigations, product development, and other matters.