Biodynamic Research Corporation (BRC) specializes in accident reconstruction and biomechanical analysis. This means we analyze how injuries are caused.

Over the years, our experts — many of whom are physicians with engineering degrees — have examined events ranging from slip and falls to low-speed passenger vehicle collisions to high-profile aircraft crashes.

We are always looking to expand our email distribution list which lets you know when we are looking for the following:

  1.  A person of a particular gender, height and weight which will pose as the actual person in the incident. Don’t worry! This is only a photography session that simulates the event. It’s safe to participate! The events are usually short and consist of sitting in different positions in a vehicle while an expert takes measurements and photos. You can see an example in the video. The pay begins at $100 for the first hour.
  2. A particular vehicle (year, make and model) to photograph and measure. The pay begins at $100 for the first hour.

Feel free to check the video below or our website for more information. Please email [email protected] for any questions and include the email address you would like us to add to our distribution list.